Having compressed air hoses helps you to get the stable air pressure. Many options in the market make a tiring moment to select the best one. Whoever you are, a professional hoses user or common people should know the rule on selecting it.

Why I Need the New One?

Every house must have compressed air Lay Flat hoses whether it is only one. There is not a special reason to have it, but you just have to own it. Selecting by yourself only have two reasons. The first is because of the upgrade mode of your air pressure or the old hoses contains defects. Why don't repair it? For some excuses, you cannot repair it and have to change it. What are they?

- the damage to the connectors

- the twisted and every case make the hoses bent.

- air leakage

- premature wearing because of the extreme temperature

- extreme pressure

Before selecting a new compressed air Lay Flat hose, it is a time to think smart about everything about it.

1.How long will you use it?

Try to figure out how long you will use it. Therefore, finding the good quality is must thing to do. Professionals need to save their budget more on the repairing and changing the hoses. Although once they bought it at high cost, as long as there is not repairing and changing cost, they will choose this kind of product. Knowing various hoses and material are good but to choose the cheap one for temporary use is quite less than the cost-effectiveness goal.

2.How about the internal diameter of it?

Check the air pressure and calculate everything. The wider diameter asks you to prepare a better strategy for handling it. Are you ready for it?

3.What is the material?

It decides the strength of the hoses. Nylon is the common material used, but before you get one of it, you have to learn about its characteristics first. Is it require the necessity? Is it gain your goal of having the easy maintenance and handle hoses?

4.What style do you need?

It refers to your desire. Coils and standard are two different type. If it is long, it is better to have the coils. Make it as simple as it could. The style is also decided by the material and the habit. If you usually forget to coil the hoses, having the auto coil might be good plan although you should think about its pressure and length. The more length takes the more air pressure and the burst will not high as you wish because the air is collected in the route only. It takes sometimes to out.

What Size Exactly I Need?

You may think that the longer it is the easier your work will be. However, remember this main thing first. The more distance of the hose from the compressor, the more pressure it needs. The pressure is just lost on the route, not in the edge of the hose. Think smart about having compressed air hose first before you make any decision. What would you like to do with the hoses? Will you use it regularly and how many times you need it? Is it in an urgent situation?

Compressed Air Hose from Our Company

Our company has two types of compressed Lay Flat hose. They are:

  1. Mantex

This is one of the lightweight type made from PVC and Nitrile rubber. It has UV barrier to protect its component from UV radiation. The hose is easy to use because of its lightweight design and high pressure. Even you pull it a lot, the hoses will not stretch. This is one of the great features from Mantex.

  1. Mantex HP

What makes this one is different from Mantex is its component of made and its resistance. It could against the abrasion. The inner and outer side of it is completed by oil. It has a lower standard length compared to Mantex.

Before you start on buying hoses, make sure it is under the CE certified. Keep noticing its warranty because the passed test of hoses must be brave to give you the warranty. Thr CE certified hoses give minimum 2 years of warranty.

Rubber vs Nylon
The rubber could resist the abrasion while Nylon could coil easily. How about the weight? Nylon is the winner with its lightweight. Rubber is heavier. Getting the economical hoses must be the primary case to doubt because nylon will not make you doubt about it. Having Nylon for your house is a smart decision. The strategy of having rubber as the house hoses asks you to prepare the medium budget.
Discussing the diameter, let us take it simple. The wider diameter of hoses means the more water it could carry. The common diameter is between 6 mm to 10 mm. The wider than them is not easy to handle because your hands may feel bad after hold on it for five more minutes. The high pressure makes everything worst, so enjoy your day on finding a better solution for it.
Which one is better in cold weather? Rubber gives the better performance in cold weather. Industrial and professional prefer to use rubber hoses during its durability in any case. The long life used makes it efficient and highly cost-effective. Our company only supply the best warranty hoses. All of them have passed the standard test and safe to use. Collect your favorite hoses but ignore the color and design of it because it does not a point of the quality. You may compare our products to another company including our price. We have a high standard of hoses. We make it in detail using the high technology. Only professionals and certified person will be our team. If you have your own size and range, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your need. For more details of information, please visit our site and the customer service will help you to find the appropriate hoses. Get your warranty now!